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Last Update: December, 2002


Mirroring and dowloading a web page/site:
  1. wget
    • wget -m -np -t 0 -c -p URL
  2. HT Track
  3. OMT
  4. W3mir
  5. Name   Rating (1-10) - Description, *ware Size, Tray?, Res.
      Ratings: 1=crappy, 5=so-so, 10=Excellent.   Size = File/Download size in Kilobytes or Megabytes.   Tray? = resides in the system tray.   Res. = Resources used (in %)
    CIP   9 - IP address checker, freeware   113K, -, -
      An older program that keeps your HOSTS file updated, which speeds up internet access. Newer version available commercially from the skilled programmers at Radsoft.
    Color Picker   - - Screen/Pixel Color Picker, freeware   -
      Iconico's ColorPic (freeware)
    Pixie (62K, freeware) - Point at a color & get its hex code.
    EyeDropper, a very handy and configurable, but slightly distracting, color picker (27K, freeware, follows your mouse).
    FreeAgent   8 - Newsgroup reader, freeware   1.1M, N, -
      Nifty layout of your favorite newsgroups (get it from Tucows)
    HTML Editors   ?? - Many Choices  
    • 9 - PSPad - 2.88M, freeware
      • very well laid out editor, configurable
    • 8 - 1st Page - similar to HomeSite, with fewer power-user features (5.2M, freeware)
    • 7 - Arachnophilia - great editor (1.5M, careware)
    • 3 - FrontPage - WYSIWYG editor, good for making IE compatible pages, awful for Netscape and other browsers (demo)
      • Clean Word - clean up the HTML that Word creates
    • 7 - Web Coder & Web Pad (2.6M)
      • Excellent HTML editors, about the only flaw is that they're missing wordwrap (but you can get used to it).
    • 6 HomeSite (demo, 13.1M, N, 13%)
      • Homesite's many features are intelligently laid out, and automate a lot of repetitive tasks. Includes: HTML verifying, syntax highlighting, configurable toolbars, common-code clipboard (snippets). If you're just starting out, there's a built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor; which butchers HTML less than most WYSIWYG editors. The FTP manager was crappy, not sure about the newest version (bloatware, available from Tucows); also Homesite/PHP resources.
    • 8 - HTML-Kit (2.6M freeware)
    • ? - CodeEdit (1.5M freeware)
    • see also: code editors, Editor reviews, Collaboration software
    LeechFTP   9 - FTP, freeware   620K, Y, 3%
    • Upload/download ASCII & Binary files. Layout is plain but efficient; configurable bookmarks for your commonly used ftp sites, uses threads to transfer multiple files to multiple directories.
      • Tip: if the auto-resume upload doesn't properly work for you, just disable it.
    • see also: AceFTP (863K, nagware); BulletProof (897K, shareware); CuteFTP (1.3M, adware); WS-FTP LE (690K, freeware); more on TuCows.
    • Putty - SSH & Telnet client (open source)
    Popup Killer   8 - Close PopUp Windows, freeware   2.8M, Y, -
      uses pre-configured and manually configurable settings to close annoying browser popup windows on various web sites (bloatware).
    • KillAd (freeware, 42K)
    • Proxomitron filters out popup windows, music, banners, and more (freeware, 668K)
    • Pop-up Stopper (freeware, 344K)
    • POW (freeware, 214K)
    • Or just hit {Ctrl}-{W} to close the current window
    • Cookie Wall selectively blocks browser cookies (IE only, 228K)
    RoboForm   7 - Fill out Forms, Remember Passwords, freeware   700K, -, -
      Automagically fills out web forms with your name, address, credit card #; also remember your login names and passwords for various sites.
    WebWasher   7 - Eliminates Banners, freeware (bloatware)   935K, Y, -
      by not even downloading common-size ads (graphics); thus speeding up your surfing; includes bi-directional cookie filtering. However, since it's essentially a proxy server, if not configured properly, it will block access to some web pages; especially when auto-downloading a program.
    See also: JunkBuster, which blocks ads & selectively blocks cookies (takes some editing & configuring).
    Browsers   Rating (1-10) - Description   (^top of page^) Size, Tray?, Res.
    IE5+   9 - Internet Explorer, freeware   10M+, N, 13%
      IE6 is barely an improvement over IE5. The IE5 browser is less buggy than IE4, renders pages slightly quicker, but disk space used is lots bigger; depending on the options you install. (bloatware) Opening a 2nd browser window uses an additional ~5% of your resources.
    Mozilla   8 - Netscape's Replacement, Open Source   7M+, N, 3%
      Still under development, but already a great browser, and likely to be the next 'standard.'
    Netscape   6 - Netscape's Browser, freeware   9.7M+, N, 10%
      The browser that always works when IE doesn't; lots of optional add-ons available. (bloatware)
    Opera   7 - Browser, adware   1.8M, N, 4%
      very quick rendering, lots of options, graphics downloading easily disabled. One great feature is the way it lets you look at several different pages at the same time without opening additional copies of the program. Another is how little disk space and memory it uses. Some web pages look kind of odd, but they're still viewable. Java plug-in available. Used to be my favorite until IE5 came out; now it's a toss-up. Here's a nifty Opera file explorer (freeware, 78K).

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