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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
(some of these do not work in all programs)

[Esc] Generally, closes the current menu
[Ctrl]-A Same as Edit/Select all
[Ctrl]-C Same as Edit/Copy
[Ctrl]-X Same as Edit/Cut
[Ctrl]-V Same as Edit/Paste
[Ctrl]-Z Same as Edit/Undo (if available)
[Shift]-[arrow] select text as you [arrow] around
{Drag} Move the selected (highlighted) text or file
[Ctrl]-{Drag} Copy the selected text/file.
[Ctrl]-[right-arrow] Skip to next word, when editing text
[Ctrl]-[arrow] keys all behave similarly
[Win] Brings up the Start menu (same as [CTRL]-[Esc])
[Win]-D Minimizes all windows
  press [Win]-D again to Restore
  [Win]-M & [Win]-[Shift]-M are like [Win]-D
  (memory jogger? WinDy opens/closes windows)
[Win]-E Start Windows Explorer
[Win]-F Start Find Files or Folders dialog box
  [WIN]-[Ctrl]-F = Start Find Computer dialog box (for networks)
[Win]-R Display the Run dialog box
[Win]-[Pause] Display Systems Properties panel (or try [Win]-[Break])
Move forward through options/fields, works on web forms too
Move backward through options/fields
Move forward through filetabs
Move backward through filetabs
[Alt]-[Tab] Switch among running programs (you can press [Tab] repeatedly)
[Alt]-[Enter] In Windows Explorer: same as view properties
In DOS programs: switch between a window and full-screen
[Alt]-[SpaceBar] Display the current window's system menu
[Alt]-[SpaceBar] M Move current window, using the [arrow] keys
(really handy if a window's title bar is off the screen)
[Shift]-Del Delete without sending to the Recycle Bin
[Shift]-{Click} Open Link in a new IE browser window/instance
[F2] Rename a folder or file
[F5] Refresh folder (desktop contents)
[F6] Switch between left and right panes (in Explorer)
[F10] Brings up the program menu (then use the [arrow] keys to move around)
[Alt-F4] Quit the current (active) program/application
shuts down windows if no apps are open

Internet Explorer (IE) Shortcuts

[Spacebar] same as [Page Down]
[Alt]-[Left Arrow]
Go Back to the previous page
[Alt]-[Right Arrow] Go Forward to the next page
[Ctrl]-[L] Open a new Link (web page)
[Ctrl]-[N] Open a new browser window
Refresh the current page
Reload page and graphics (bypass cache)
[Ctrl]-[D] Add to Favorites - the current page
[Ctrl]-[H] Open History folder
[Ctrl]-[B] Organize Favorites
[Ctrl]-[W] Close the active IE window

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