Windows Web & Internet Programs

IM (Instant Messenger) and Chat

  1. Trillian : freeware
    • funky layout; does: AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, and IRC
  2. GAIM - Open Source (GPL)
  3. Miranda - lots of plug-ins, Open Source (GPL)
  4. Jabber, cross-platform, server and client software
Network Monitoring
  1. Nagios
  2. Net Activity Diagram
Name   Rating (1-10) - Description, *ware Size, Tray?, Res.
  Ratings: 1=crappy, 5=so-so, 10=Excellent.   Size = File/Download size in Kilobytes or Megabytes.   Tray? = resides in the system tray.   Res. = Resources used (in %)
AboutTime   8 - Synchronize your PC clock, careware   584K, -, -
  uses an Atomic Clock, at a variety of configurable locations, to reset your system clock. Pretty handy, since all PC clocks are slightly inaccurate. see also: Tardis (1.1M, N, <1%, shareware, bloatware)
CountryCodes   9 - Internet Country Codes, freeware   37K, N, 2%
  the 2-letter abbreviations (ISO) are easily looked up with this little utility (or see this list of language codes).
  - - Automate Downloading   X, -,-
  Resume downloads right where you left off, if your download is interrupted. Don't use NetZip?
InfoGate   7 - NewsTicker, adware   176K, N, -
  News, stocks, financial, travel, sports & shopping ticker. see also: Yahoo! NewsTicker (306K, adware); Swen for Open Source news (79K, freeware).
mIRC   10 - Chatrooms, nagware   1.1M, N, -
  Easily the most popular chatroom software for IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
Name   Rating (1-10) - Description   (^top of page^) Size, Tray?, Res.
Spike   9 - Host Lookup, freeware   69K, Y, 2%
  basic WhoIs, Finger, Ping, Trace Route, & a few more techy functions for checking on internet servers and people. Also quite good: WhoIs Ultra - only does whois, but will search for variations on your chosen domain word(s) (233K, freeware)
Telephony   - - Internet Phone Calls, freeware   -
  • Speak Freely - Public Domain, Windows & *nix versions, works on networks and internet, supports encryption
  • NetMeeting (1.6M, N, 8%+) also text chat, share a painting program, transfer files, take control of your buddy's computer (their permission is required). For voice chat, a microphone and speakers, or a cheap headset (mic/headphones combo - highly recommended), are required; video camera optional. Tip: it seems to have a memory leak, so you're better off rebooting after using it. see also: older versions.

WinBarometer   8 - Weather Checker, freeware   50K, Y, -
  Weather conditions & mini-forecast for a city near you. see also: WetSocks (1.5M, Y, 2%, shareware, bloatware)
ZoneAlarm   9 - Internet Security, freeware   1.6M, Y, 5%
  a nifty program that lets you decide which of your programs access the internet, and what other people's computers can see on yours. Read Steve Gibson's review.
See also: Tiny Personal Firewall (1.4M); SurfinGuard runs programs in a "protected sandbox" (freeware). ScriptDefender lets you choose which scripts (Java, VBS, add-your-own) run from email/web-sites (freeware). Check your listening ports with Inzider (240K, freeware; also here)
Be leery of Lockdown2000.


Problems with Dial-Up Networking not remembering your password? Here are some suggestions.

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